Allergen Detection

In recent years, food allergies are on the rise due to the change in food production and environment. Several products are manufactured in the same facility and cross-contamination is an issue to be monitored. While impurities with allergenic matter are negligible for many people, they can be a serious health risk for others and need to be reliably identified.

When it comes to the detection of allergens, ELISA-based methods the most common methods despite their bias in terms of cross-reactivity. Realtime-PCR allergen detection can score with superior specificity here, as detection happens on DNA level instead of protein level. DNA-based detection is also superior in terms of acquisition of sample material: allergenic proteins are mostly present in traces and may either be denatured during food processing or overlain by other cross-reactive proteins in the sample. DNA, however, remains unaltered and can be detected down to single copies of a target sequence. Therefore, testing food for allergens with realtime-PCR is an easy, sensitive and specific addition to conventional ELISA assays if not an adequate substitute.

Advantages of DNA-based allergen detection:

  • Not all allergenic proteins are known and therefore not detectable in ELISA assays - for DNA-based detection any specific sequence can be targeted
  • DNA extraction is fast, easy and highly standardized
  • Proteins might be denatured or destroyed in processed foods whereas DNA is still detectable
  • PCR can differ between closely related species and therefore offers superior specificity
  • PCR-based assays such as PhoenixDx include controls to ensure high-quality data
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PhoenixDx PeanutFAMCy5
PhoenixDx HazelnutFAMCy5
PhoenixDx WalnutFAMCy5
PhoenixDx AlmondsFAMCy5
PhoenixDx PistachioFAMCy5
PhoenixDx SesameFAMCy5
PhoenixDx SoybeanFAMCy5
PhoenixDx MustardFAMCy5
PhoenixDx CeleryFAMCy5
PhoenixDx Milk (Beef)FAMCy5
PhoenixDx FishFAMCy5

If your target allergen is not listed here, please get in contact with us to discuss your needs. We can develop a custom detection kit for your required target DNA with the backbone of our PhoenixDx system. Your personal information will only be used to contact you to discuss this specific request. It will not be used for other marketing purposes or sent to third parties.