Food Authenticity

Meat identity

Food safety is not only limited to detection of pathogen contamination but also includes maintaining quality standards. In a globalized world with suppliers all around the globe food authenticity is an issue of growing importance. Especially for products that contain meat, authenticity of ingredients is crucial, be it to detect of low-quality ingredients in processed food, the compliance with cultural requirements or the exclusion of health risks from nondisclosed components.

ProductTargetChannel PathogenChannel PPCDetails & Order
PhoenixDx PorkCytBFAMCy5
PhoenixDx BeefCytBFAMCy5
PhoenixDx SheepCytBFAMCy5
PhoenixDx GoatCytBFAMCy5
PhoenixDx ChickenCytBFAMCy5
PhoenixDx HorseCytBFAMCy5

Grain identity

Coming Q3 2019