2X ProPlant Probe Mix


2X ProPlant SYBR Mix is a convenient 2X qPCR Mastermix for Probe-based detection. It is optimized for the use with plant-derived samples and shows increased resistance against PCR inhibiting agents.

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2X ProPlant Probe Mix is a convenient 2X qPCR Mastermix for probe-based detection (such as TaqMan) with a universal concentration of ROX™ compatible with all common thermocycling devices (including Bio-Rad devices).  A dTTP/dUTP blend allows for pre-PCR UNG digestion if cross-contamination is an issue. 2X ProPlant Probe Mix an easy-to-use, all-round talent for difficult qPCR applications as well as for regular applications.
2X ProPlant Probe Mix shows increased resistance against plant derived PCR inhibitors.


  • Quantitative PCR
  • Realtime PCR
  • Analysis of plant derived samples


Additional information

Download the manual here
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PolymeraseTaq DNA Polymerase
Hot Startyes
Reaction SpeedFast / Standard
Product Size200 / 500 reactions à 20 µl
Normalizationuniversal ROX™ concentration
Sample typeDNA, cDNA
Reaction Format 2X Mastermix
Shipping Condition Approved for shipment on wet or dry ice
Storage-15°C to -25°C

Download the manual here