2X HS Mastermix Clear


For routine applications,  VitaTaq® DNA Polymerase is available as a 2X mastermix formulation; all there is to add is your primers and template DNA. For increased fidelity, 2X Mastermix Clear comes with a HotStart feature that allows reaction setup at room temperature.


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2X HS Mastermix Clear is a convenient 2X Mastermix formulation of VitaTaq® DNA Polymerase for fast and easy reaction setup and high reproducibility in standardized applications. It contains enzyme, an optimized buffer and dNTPs, all there is to add is primer and template. The included HotStart feature allows full control over the reaction start and protects the enzyme for maximum performance.


  • Routine PCR for fragments up to 5 kb
  • Colony PCR
  • High-throughput PCR
  • Automated PCR applications

Additional information

Download the manual here
Download the MSDS here


PolymeraseTaq DNA Polymerase
Hot Startyes
Fidelity1X Taq
GC-Rich PCR Performance moderate
Product Overhang 3'-A
Reaction SpeedStandard (1 min / kb)
Product Size200 / 500 / 1000 reactions à 20 µl
Endonuclease Activitynone detected
5’-3’ Exonuclease Activityyes
3’-5’ Proofreading Activitynone detected
Incorporation of labeled nucleotidesyes
Reaction Format 2X Mastermix
Ready-to-load formulationno
Shipping Condition Approved for shipment on wet or dry ice
Storage-15°C to -25°C